The necessary name change

Welcome to Mom Works It Out! You probably haven’t noticed but I’ve changed the name of the blog. It’s been a hard decision because I’ve been We Beat Fat for so long but I really feel like it was time to change.

We Beat Fat hasn’t been a WE for a long time. Yes, it was a place to chronicle our healthy living but it was more about Angela and less about Willie. He took his hand at blogging and decided it wasn’t the place for him. We lost weight as a couple and started living a healthy life but as most things do, change crept in. My story changed from the weight loss girl to the running girl, and now I’m the healthy running mom.

The weight loss journey was a tough one and not something I want to forget, but it’s not the place where I am now. The initial weight loss was 8 years and then the changes started rolling in. I really felt like I was stifled by the name and couldn’t represent my true self under the name. My main goal is to motivate and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves, but there are also parts of myself that I don’t share due to the name.

My life has changed and I want to be able to share that with my readers. Therefore, I thought the name change was necessary for the future of the blog and the other projects I hope to pursue down the line.

Thank you for being a reader and lover of the blog. Content will be focused on a more balanced life, parenting, healthy living, fitness (aka running), and of course motivations.

Everything has changed so make sure you’ve got me right on the socials: