The moments of change really happen

I should have posted this yesterday but I guess you didn’t need to know that part of the story. I just didn’t know where I wanted to post to go. Change is a powerful thing. Sometimes change is good and sometimes change throws the world into chaos. But I guess I’m more interested in what sparks change.

This week I was taken back to that moment when I decided to change. I’m often asked why we decided to go on our weight loss journey. What was the thing that changed our minds? I’ve said it before and I’ve been reminded of it again, it really is a moment. It’s the day that you roll out of bed and want things to be different. It’s the moment that suddenly comes to you that you need to change. It’s the moment that you feel like something needs to change.


Change is a powerful thing. Change will motivate you to actually want something different. Those moments do come, but not everyone always seizes the moment. Those moments of change may creep into your mind but what you do with that moment is what puts the change into action.

I’m telling you this because I had one of those moments this week. I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t want to be completely honest. I’ve been in a horrible mood which I guess we could call a slight depression. A lot of things changed very quickly for me and I probably didn’t deal with it in the best way possible. My food choices did get away from me. I’ve been using food to fuel my emotions. It hasn’t been my finest moments in the past three weeks but I guess it was just something I needed to go through.


I’m not saying all of my food choices have been horrible all the time, but I moved out of a realm of what was comfortable to me. There has been slices of cake and milkshakes and tater tots and maybe too many rounds at the Chinese buffet. I’ve had moments, I can’t lie or hide it anymore..

I woke up on Monday morning and told Willie, “I’m done.” It was really just a moment that was sparked by feeling physically horrible but it was just what I needed to snap me back into reality. I have no reason to feel sorry for myself and I know better than to fall into those old patterns that I’ve been fighting all this time. I’ll never be cured of my overeating problem and sometimes I will falter but the real lesson is learning when enough is enough and getting on back on track. That is how I know that I’m a changed person because old Angela wouldn’t have recognized that at all. I’m just glad that I learned enough along the way to be at this point where I can share this with everyone and realize it was just a moment…that sparked another change in me.