Get active during Thanksgiving holiday

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we’re all going to be eating to enjoy the holiday.  I hope everyone does enjoy the holiday without feeling guilty.  But this is also good time to be with family and friends and you can get active.  Everything is better with a group anyway.

Getting fit during Thanksgiving

My mom had knee replacement surgery yesterday so I had to forgo any active recovery I was planning on doing yesterday.  This morning was a different story.  I felt like I needed to get out to work in for many reasons but I just miss breaking a sweat.  I hit the treadmill with Willie this morning.  We didn’t talk much but it was great just to do it with him.

Thanksgiving 2014

We have made it a Thanksgivings tradition in our family to run the Turkey Trot before indulging in a great Thanksgiving meal. It’s a great way to get active during Thanksgiving. It’s always fun to get with a group of people who are having fun and starting off the day with being active. It’s a great feeling!  What I love most about the Turkey Trot runs is there is something for everyone.  If you want to run you can, if you want to walk with your family…it’s totally doable and fun.  It’s a group event.

I always like a good cold run too but I think this year it’s going to be different.  The forecast is calling for a high of 77 and a low of 61 degrees; much different from the previous years.  Oh well, I’ll still be running for my turkey…and ham!

After I’m done eating though, I’ll get more cardio in by doing some black Friday shopping.  That’s also become a little tradition but I’m guessing we could find some great deals online too, right?  Side note: it’s getting a little insane and how early the stores are opening for shopping.  Let these people enjoy Thanksgiving a little bit.  It might be time to put an end to this black Friday madness.  I do promise to get outside on Friday and get moving.

The best thing to do is to continue to keep active during the holiday season which officially starts now.  There are going to be lots of things around you to tempt you and throw you off track.  It’s okay to indulge but always remember moderation.  Also, don’t forget it’s about living and having fun too.  There’s a healthy balance for everything.  I challenge everyone to get the entire family involved in getting active during the holiday season (and before your Thanksgiving meal).

How are you going to get active during Thanksgiving?  Lifting the heavy lifting of the bread bowl doesn’t count.