A Workout Review: Spinning and Marathon Training

Last week was a very busy week for me.  Since I’ve started teaching spinning I haven’t had enough time to go to my friend/mentor/favorite person in the world’s spin class.  It kind of bums me out.  I’ve been working hard on not over training but this past week I sucked it up and just went.  It was awesome.  So here’s a look at last week’s workouts.  Sunday was a rest day for me.


4 Mile morning run and group power in the evening! It was Tori’s last day teaching at the gym so I went to her Group Power class in the evening. I will definitely miss that lady! The morning run was hard because the humidity was killing me, but I did the run. It was slow and some of the worst miles of my life, but I did it.


Taught 5 AM Group Ride and then a Centergy (yoga+pilates) class for a good stretch. No picture because I always forget.


5 AM Group Power, Ran 4.25 miles and then went to spinning! I absolutely hate running on the treadmill but I had to get this run in! I definitely earned my chocolate milk cheers that day! Plus it was my mom’s birthday so it was kind of like my present to her.

From my Momma's birthday last Wednesday! This time last year my mom had just finished her radiation treatments and we were waiting for chemo! Today she's cancer free!

Plus I finally got to wear the dress I bought ages ago. I waited for this $90 dress to go on super sale for like 5 months. I finally got it for $16!


Slept in because my marathon training really amps up this week but I taught 4:30 spinning and had a great time. Tried to do a Centergy class but other things got in the way. No bueno! I was feeling a little tired anyway. I think I really needed the rest.


Ran 4 miles this morning. These are the best miles I've run outside in the humidity since the beginning of July! I'm happy girl. A good run and a good stretch earned me some extra watermelon this morning! #sweatpink #running #myafter #marathontraining #tr

The best 4 miles I’ve run this summer. I hate the heat and humidity because it makes me feel like I’m slow and not accomplishing anything. But these were the best miles I’ve run all summer.


5 miles a little after 5 am! I had a great #run this morning even though it was wicked humid! #marathontraining #running #training #stjudemarathon

I ran 5 miles and went to Centergy! My training plan is starting to amp up and I’m glad. Long runs = a good time for me. It’s been killing me to only run 3 or 4 miles. Five isn’t much more but that means that next week will be 6 and it will continue to grow. I thought Friday was the best miles I ran all summer until I met Saturday morning. This girl is feeling good.

So good that I suggested to Willie that he should drive me to Houston so I could buy socks! Yes, it’s that serious. I love the socks at Reebok! They make my feet feel so good when I’m running and they come in fun colors. And of course, in Houston there is Fadi’s. We picked it up and brought it back home. The hour and change drive back home was pretty brutal smelling all that good food in the back of the car!