Chicago Marathon training update: can everyone run a marathon?

Short answer is yes!  I think everyone can run a marathon if they want to run one.  I just think everyone should be prepared to run a marathon.  I made a little video about preparing to train for your first marathon (or any race).  Plus, I wanted to give you an update on my Chicago Marathon training.

Marathon training has been pretty rough on me this time around. I let the summer heat frustrate me and hold me back. It’s been hard to get motivated to run when you know you’re going to be sweat your face off. The southeast Texas heat and humidity kind of ruined my spirit. I was forced to run on the treadmill which was nice sometimes and other times it was torture.

I also think that sticking to a plan during this time was really hard for me. I felt like a slave to the plan the weather which made things even harder. Mentally I struggled. I complained and made excuses for myself. The Chicago Marathon is in 3 weeks and I don’t really feel ready.

Today's #run was not my finest hour. It was rough but I still went out there. I kept going until I had enough. The true failure would have been not trying at all. Never give up. Just keep trying. #werunsocial #runchat #running

Even though I mentioned it in the video about treating your long runs like race day, I didn’t.  I didn’t eat properly before heading out because I was more focused on getting the miles done.  I should have known being able to push through those miles is the most important thing and I should have eaten a bit before I went out to run.  The days I actually did this, my runs were good.  Learn from my mistake, fuel up pre-run because I would never run a race without properly fueling.  I don’t know why I thought that would be OK for a training run.

Who knows, I could step up to that line and everything could go perfectly. I’m not really pushing for a PR because I know I’m not ready for that. I am looking to stay consistent with my marathon time though. The Chicago Marathon is known for being flat and fast so hopefully that will work in my favor. The one good thing is I ran consistently. Every run may not have been my best run but I still got out there to do it.

Mid week long run bumped up a day bc something exciting is happening tomorrow. But man it was a tough run. Started on the treadmill until it cooled down a bit to go outside. I don't think it really cooled down. Today's message is #motivation. 7.5 miles do

I had to switch my shoes. All the sweat from my body was pooling in my feet and with the Brooks Adrenaline it just seemed to soak up all that sweat. The shoes just became heavy and squishy. I decided two weeks ago those can’t be my marathon shoes. Running just 13 miles in those shoes was bad there was no way I could continue on for another 13 miles. I love the look of the shoes but they are heavy and when they start soaking up the sweat it’s no good. I’m going back to my Brooks Ravenna for now.

I’m so glad that I figured that out now and not in the middle of the race.

Am I going to this race in the best condition? No!  But like I said in the video, I have to trust my training and just let it be.  I trust that my training will get me to the end of the marathon within the time limit.  I am just excited to experience it all.

Chicago marathon

The participate guide came and I’m glad I read it because it says no video devices or “selfie” sticks are allowed on course.  I usually don’t read those things but something told me to waste time at work and read it.  And there it was…no recording. This is kind of a relief to me because I won’t be so focused on that camera and have the same problem from last week with wanting to take a billion pictures and video. Sometimes it’s just fine to be present in the moment. That’s hard as a blogger/vlogger/social media person because I’m always thinking about sharing a moment instead of enjoying the moment.


I am happy to say that I reached my fundraising goals for Team Healthy Kids!  It’s such a great cause and I can’t wait to get more involved.  I want to bring awareness to this growing problem in America so we can have a healthier and brighter future.  If you still want to donate, it would be greatly appreciated and your money will go to make something special happen.

All the hard work is done now so I just need to get to the start line and enjoy the moment. I’m late with my planning or because I’ve been to Chicago so much. But I am still going to find some interesting things to do in my short time there.

Have you run a marathon? Are you thinking about running a marathon? Do you have any fall races you are looking forward to running?