Can I workout from home?

Workout out at home is a great and convenient. There are perks to having a gym membership like equipment and the possibilities of group fitness, but sometimes the budget just won’t allow for a gym membership. Or maybe you’re just uncomfortable being around a lot of people when you workout? That doesn’t mean you can’t be active.

Got some new weights so I had to try them out this morning. Some lunges and shoulder presses and a @toneitup #hulabooty #workout! #tiuteam #fitness #strengthtraining #strong #fitspo

If you do decide to work out at home there are some things you need to take into consideration like equipment. You might need to invest in some weights/dumbbells/kettle bells, a exercise mat and maybe a treadmill (if that’s what you like to do). It can get a little pricey but if you’re not paying for a gym membership it could be something that works. You might even want to invest in a workout series to help guide your workouts from home.

I do workout at home from time to time because sometimes it’s just easier. I don’t work out from home regularly because I don’t have the discipline to get my daily workout in from home. I’m too distracted by all the home things going on. Personally, I need to change of location to provide focus, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone.

If you can’t get equipment right away there are plenty of body weight circuits you can perform at home. A couple of months ago, I created a full body circuit routine that will definitely get you sweaty at home. Circuit workouts are great to do if you’re limited on time and want to get a good total body workout. These workouts are also very easy to create on your own so you can change it up from time to time. I also have a Pinterest board for circuit workouts and other workouts to do from home. It’s a great resource and I’ll be adding to it regularly.

Workout programs are really great too because these programs are already there. You know what parts you need to do on a certain day and it’s already planned out for you. There is no guess work and there is video there for you to watch for correct form. It also helps to keep you on a schedule.

As for workout programs, we’ve invested in two different programs. Willie did Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution when he needed a change up in his routine. I tagged on to some of the workouts and it was a great workout. There was cardio and strength sessions which really worked. Willie started it at the end of his weight loss journey and within weeks I could see a difference in him. I do recommend you checking this program out. Skipped the gym this morning but still do a core and leg workout from @karenakatrina followed by some much needed foam rolling. How are you getting active today? Are you a morning on afternoon #workout person? #fitspiraton #fitfam #fitness #tiuteam #fitfl

Also, I’ve mentioned my Tone It Up workouts from time to time. These ladies are great and gear their workouts toward what a woman is really concerned about. I will post a more indepth review about this in the future but I highly recommend this. You know what else is great about these ladies? Tone It Up has workouts available on YouTube for FREE. Try out the workouts and if you really like them, buy the videos. I noticed a difference in just 2 weeks of doing these workouts. Worth every penny!

Don’t forget there’s always the option to take your workouts outside. Get some fresh air while you sweat. Things might become a little clearer for you too. Go for those power walks or run a few miles. Do walking lunges up and down the block. Do push ups off the back of the car. Get creative and enjoy your workout.

The short answer is yes. You can work out from home if works for you. The biggest recommendation is to find a spot at home that is a distraction free zone just for your workouts. Make it part of your routine so that your mind knows when you go into that area it’s to workout. Also, try to keep the schedule so your body knows that it’s time to workout so you’ll be less likely to skip the workout on the regular.

Now that you’ve gotten the basics, go workout!

If you workout from home, do you have any other suggestions for people?