The pigeon hole

I’m having one of those days that just isn’t really good.  I do feel like I’m trapped in a nightmare.  The one thing I need to always remember is everyone has problems, right?  Everyone is dealing with something and everyone is having their own type of day.  I don’t want to be overly dramatic about it because it’s probably just a little blip on the radar.  Everything seems so much bigger when you’re going through it, right?

Blog don't box me inI had another blog post planned today but I wanted to be real.  The social media world presents our facade life.  You get to see the parts of my life that I want to share with you.  And honestly, I only choose to share with the happy times.  The times when I smile.  That doesn’t give you an accurate picture of the person I really am. All you see the happy, motivating fitness woman.  

But what about everything else? People often ask me: “do you struggle?” or “do you have bad days?”

Why yes I do.  But unless you’re uber close with me, those are things that you really don’t get to see.  Those are things you don’t get to know.

My favorite is: “do you do anything else besides workout?” P9080255

I do other things too.  Sometimes I feel like I need to fit into this box of being the weight loss poster child or the fanatic running girl because that is my life here at  I feel like the name has pigeon holed me into a genre that I don’t want to upset. I don’t want to be stuck in the pigeon hole.

No, I don’t think I am the poster child for weight loss but I do know people look up to Willie and I for what we have accomplished.  I know people have questions and want answers…and I want to provide that.  And I know I LOVE to run, but I’m a little more than that.  It’s an alienating factor that sometimes makes me unapproachable.


The point of this post is to say, I’m not anyone special.  I’m still a person.  I laugh. I cry.  I break out into random song. I travel. I take pictures. I’m focused almost to the point of tunnel vision.  I watch bad reality television. I read chick lit and non-fiction. I have good days and I definitely have bad days.

And I hope that you’ll allow me to show that here on the little space I’ve carved out on the web.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.