Finding yourself is part of the journey

Happy Monday afternoon everyone.  Things haven’t been great in life and I’ve pulled away from blogging because it’s hard to remain transparent in really trying times.  It may have made the problems deepen a bit because it has become an internal issue.  Today Willie posted something on his blog and brought some things to the forefront. I really do hope you take the time to read his post. I really want to encourage everyone to find what it is in life that will make you happy.  Without happiness, nothing else will fall into place.  I lived many many years not… View Post

Be true to yourself

Excuse me for a moment while I set the mood. Play the song and read the blog post: I haven’t been true to myself.  I think I’ve been playing.  I’ve been trying a little to hard to be someone that I am not.  At the root of it all, I am still the same person but with some better attributes.  I think I lost myself.  Lately, I’ve found myself unhappy, stressed, confused, indecisive, scattered, negative and unfocused.  I don’t really feel like I’ve been myself this year at all.  I’ve been floundering; I’ve been hiding. It’s time to put an… View Post

The pigeon hole

I’m having one of those days that just isn’t really good.  I do feel like I’m trapped in a nightmare.  The one thing I need to always remember is everyone has problems, right?  Everyone is dealing with something and everyone is having their own type of day.  I don’t want to be overly dramatic about it because it’s probably just a little blip on the radar.  Everything seems so much bigger when you’re going through it, right? I had another blog post planned today but I wanted to be real.  The social media world presents our facade life.  You get… View Post

You are enough

I was kind of stumped at what I was going to write about today.  I sat at the computer yesterday for something, but I was blocked.  Before going to bed, I found this video and it left me speechless. We must all remember that we are enough. There is no mold at to who we should be and who we are should just be enough. I remember thinking if I lost weight then I’ll fit in to the “normal” world. I wouldn’t have the eyes starring at me, taking pity on me or giving me the “looks.” But you know… View Post

Finding happiness in St. Louis!

Happy Monday!  We got in from St. Louis late last night.  It was a good weekend and I’ll recap it later in another post.  This post isn’t for that that.  Traveling to St. Louis with Willie was kind of an eye opening experience for me. Or maybe just a huge surge of energy into my system. I’ve been floundering through life for the past couple of months.  I really thought it had only been a few weeks but if I look back on big picture, this moment has been coming for a long time. I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck on… View Post