Another day and the best version of yourself

This post will be about nothing. I have a lot of ideas floating round in my head but nothing is sticking. I probably have too much floating around in there to focus on one thing. It’s not just a today problem, it’s been a week long problem. It’s Monday and that means I usually post inspirational/motivational things but I can’t just pin point one message today so you’re going to get many or nothing at all. That gray area in life doesn’t exist to me.


I’ve really tried to come up with something to share with you today, but I’ve gone a blank. Sometimes I just want to type a sentence and that just be a blog post, but I feel like you might expect more out of me. But today, this is all I can give you. It’s not my words but the quote inspires me to keep looking forward so I don’t have days like this again.

Being the best version of yourself doesn’t have to be every moment of the day. The best version of yourself shines through when time is tested or when others need your help. The best version of yourself comes and goes and grows and evolves over time. The best version of yourself shines the brightest in the happiest of times and is tested many many times.

What do you think makes up the best version of you?