Blog interrupted: a new week reset, going meatless, and biking.

I like to post the motivational stuff on Monday’s because it’s just a good way to start off the week but I’ve fallen behind on blogging because I was sick and I didn’t want to go anywhere near a computer on my work planning day. It’s kind of been a mess. I’m yet to post my recaps from San Diego or any other blog planning so this is where I’m at. The good this though is it’s Monday, a new week to do new things!

It's a new week filled with new possibilities. It's time to start anew and set new goals! What are you going to achieve this week? #motivation #motivationmonday #fitfluential #fitness #weightloss #webeatfat #sweatpink
It’s time to start anew and achieve new things! It’s time to start a fresh to-do list and start checking those things off. The time away from the blog was probably much needed though. It’s Monday, so it’s time to reset and move on. This morning I was sure to get up to do my workout…a new workout. I’ll share more on that later.

Just riding 52 miles with friends. Hello summer! #fitfluential #cycling #outdoors #biking #roadbike #fitspiraton #fitness #fitfam
This past weekend was filled with fun times. I went to see Entourage with Willie. Then Saturday morning called for a 52 mile bike ride with some pretty awesome people. It was hot but so much fun. I definitely preferred riding instead of running. It was a nice time to get to talk to some people and just be active. When I’m not active I get a little antsy.

Pei Wei #cheatmeal #weightoss
Last week I was really thrust into the world of vegetarianism because I was sick. I didn’t want to eat much of anything. If you didn’t know, Willie and I are going meatless for a month and then we’ll take it from there. I was plant based before but I didn’t do my research which was a disaster. Always do your research. We use to eat Pei Wei all the time but the quality of our local establishment went down the tubes but this weekend we went back. Thai dynamite with tofu and veggies for me. It was good!

Kale salad and pea pesto #webeatfat #weightloss #mealprep #fitfluential
Yesterday was meal prep day.  I made a kale salad for my snack this week.  I wasn’t satisfied with the result until it was in the fridge for 12 hours.  Now I’m happy.  I didn’t enjoy it too much last night.  I also made a pea pesto for lunch. I’ve never done a pea pesto before and I wanted to try something new.  And the biggest confession of all: I got stressed out looking at recipes in the cookbook.  I’m not a recipe follower; I usually make things up as a go.  I was trying to meal plan for the week by looking up stuff in the cookbooks and it frustrated me to no end.  Finally, I just told Willie I would have to have look at the produce section when we got to the store so I could decide what I was going to make.  It worked out much better that way.