Blog interrupted: a new week reset, going meatless, and biking.

I like to post the motivational stuff on Monday’s because it’s just a good way to start off the week but I’ve fallen behind on blogging because I was sick and I didn’t want to go anywhere near a computer on my work planning day. It’s kind of been a mess. I’m yet to post my recaps from San Diego or any other blog planning so this is where I’m at. The good this though is it’s Monday, a new week to do new things! It’s time to start anew and achieve new things! It’s time to start a fresh… View Post

Notes on the weekend: Friend time and bikes

I spent the weekend visiting my bestie in Austin. We had a birthday pre celebration. My birthday is tomorrow, so we went out to do some shopping for my birthday at the good outlet mall in San Marcos. But all that didn’t happen until I got my morning run in. If you don’t know, I’m training for a marathon and I found a good beginner’s training program from this guy. I’m trying to stick with the plan but it’s always hard because I want to do more. But I have to train hard and SMART, which means I need to… View Post