The weight loss numbers pressure

Every day we’re bombarded with numbers: times, dates, addresses, appointments, etc. But there are other numbers in our lives that consume us too like workout minutes, miles to run, pounds to lose, pounds gained, etc. Sometimes those numbers can put pressure on us.

Last week my friend blogged about a mile being a mile. It’s a great read and I think everyone should read it. Basically, her post pointed out that we should do what works for us and not try to be like everyone else. It really got me thinking about how little things do influence us and push us. I’m all about drive and motivation, but sometimes things can and will go too far. That post really got me thinking about how numbers guide my life.

Don't let numbers get in your way

During weight loss I remember thinking if I could just get down this one number everything would be as it should be. The number was always in my head. The calories I was allowed to eat always popped up in my head, especially when I was hungry. The amount of calories a burned during a workout became very important, even if I burned one less than the day before. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers.

Even now, numbers are on my mind. I should be running this amount of miles. I need to work out for this amount of time. I need to get my weights and strength training in this many days this week. Numbers rule our worlds.

Those numbers are important, but don’t let those numbers in get in your way. Now some of my best runs have come when I didn’t look at my watch because I wasn’t worried about the pace or how far I was going. It was all about being out there. The days that I have forgotten my heart rate monitor at home led to great workouts that were carefree. Sometimes it’s just easier to let some of the numbers go for a bit and trust yourself and your judgement.

Setting out to lose weight is very overwhelming so don’t complicate it more than it needs to be. Maybe just set out to shed some pounds instead of putting a definitive number on how much you’re going to lose. That could help cut down on the frustration. Also, it could help you find a manageable weight loss goal in a certain time period instead of something that may be too lofty. Don’let the weight loss numbers pressure take over your life and sidetrack your goals.


FYI: I’m not recommending that anyone throw their calorie counting to the birds. I know that is an important part of the weight loss journey. That’s an important number but there are times when you shouldn’t worry about it so much. That’s why it’s great to have a “cheat” meal. yep that’s right. That is my cheat meal. I love Lebanese and/or Greek food.


So today, I’m taking a step back from the numbers and I’m just glad that I got my ONE workout in…and that’s all that matters.

What are some of the numbers your focus on throughout the day or week? Do you think numbers can hold you back?