Balancing life and fitness and adventures

Hello all.  I wanted to drop and get a little informal with you and just give you a catch up post on life.  It’s been a while since I’ve really checked in.


First off, thanks to everyone who sent in their birthday wishes.  It was a great day even though I spent most of it in the car.  I asked if I should have cake but I eventually decided against it.  I probably should have suggested a cupcake because I probably wouldn’t have eaten half the cupcake anyway.  It’s lost on me.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t live it up.  I filled up my yogurt cup with birthday cake froyo. It was definitely delicious.

So this happened today! Isn't that cool? The Surgeon General knows about me and @fueledxrunning! #weightloss may seem impossible but it's possible if you gain the knowledge and work hard. It happens one pound at a time. You can do it! #motivation #slimmin

Yesterday, something really amazing happened.  The Surgeon General of the United States tweeted about Willie and I!  I don’t know how that office even found out about us, but that was something really cool and unexpected.  It’s just weird how things like that happen.  It was really exciting.

I know you think ALL I like to do is workout and/or run.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to run but I can’t run all day.  I think I would be really tired and my legs would fall off.  I do like to workout, but I can’t do that all day either.  Here you only see parts of my life that I am comfortable sharing, but I think I am lacking on showing other parts of my life too.  I’ll have to do better.

In the end, it’s all about balancing life and fitness and adventures.

I’m always in search of an adventure though. Yes, it’s about the running, but it’s really about being able to go different places and see/do new things. I was always a wanderer. I do like to get out and have some LOTS of fun.

We went to visit #UofMemphis. I'd never been and that's where @fueledxrunning went to school! I like all the #tigers on campus. This tiger had #Elvis on it but there were lots of different variations.
The plan for Memphis was to go out and do all the things that we never do when we are there. The weather gods had something else in mind because it was a horrible rain storm pretty much the entire time we were there. The rain broke for an hour or two but always seemed to pick right back up. But I did get a chance to walk around to see all the tigers on University of Memphis campus.

Growl like a tiger
I wanted Willie to growl like a tiger but he wouldn’t. I gladly stepped in to show him how it was done. He probably didn’t want to do it in fear of me posting something about it on the blog. I never really looked at this picture until now, but Willie really captured the moment.

I didn't get a chance to post my #workout yesterday so I'll post it now with this mornings #cardio! I ran 4 miles yesterday and did some #strengthtraining when I was done. It's not fun running at 5pm in #Texas heat but the humidity was minimal. This morni

If you didn’t know, I’m training for the Chicago Marathon.  Also, I’ve decided that I’m 90% sure that I’m not running another marathon until the Chicago Marathon in October.  Well, there is a trail race I want to do in August which is 50K but that doesn’t count, right? I will run some half marathons in between now and then for sure though.  I’m running one this weekend to motivate me to get out and run 13 miles in the heat.  I need to get over this hump and just do it.  Water on course and maybe a cute medal at the end is all the motivation I need right now.  It’s ridiculously hot right now, but I need to get my training on track.

There are serious dangers to running in the heat and this past Friday I suffered a major blow: chaffing. I got really sweaty running and I became a victim of a really horrible case of the chafe. I didn’t put on my Vaseline. I won’t make the mistake again! The worst part about chaffing is sometimes you don’t know that it’s occurred until you’ve gotten in the shower.

I’m working on some big projects right now for the blog and personal stuff.  The one thing I am interested in doing is bringing more video to the site.  I want to answer your questions, get ideas for topics you want to hear discussed and really help people get the answers to their weight loss questions.  Use the contact form to send me your questions or suggestions.  I am all about moving forward and putting the information out there for you but I’m going to need your help! Hopefully, you can learn from some of our experiences.

The weight loss numbers pressure

The weight loss numbers pressure

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The best 7 minutes of my life

The best 7 minutes of my life

Folks, we’re heading to China  and the internet situation there isn’t as open as what we enjoy here.  I don’t know what kind of access I’m going to have to the internet.  I’ll set up a few posts to post while I’m away, but for the most part I’m going to be out of pocket.  Be sure to follow my instagram because I might be able to post some pictures. While I’m away I’m going to post some not so obvious strategies for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.  Like I’ve said many times before, I am no expert… View Post

Finding balance

Finding balance

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