The kindness of strangers

The past few weeks I’ve been reminded on the kindness of strangers…and friends. I’ve had a lot of trying times that have left me spread thing over the past few weeks but I’ve been able to make it through with kindness.

The kindness of strangers

It’s hard to remember there is good in humanity. There are people who still care to make you smile. There are people out there who still want to help. There are people out there who still care. Those people may be people in your life already or just a random stranger.

This past weekend I ran a 50 miler but that was nothing compared to what Willie did. I wasn’t there for extended amounts of time but I watched him help everyone from our group get what they needed to continue on their journey or finish it with a smile. I always say that people love Willie and they just like me. That’s the truth because of these selfless acts just like this. He’s always been that person and I he will never ever change.

These were people that we knew but I know he would have done that for anyone. That’s what makes him special. It’s such a small example but I’m seeing how many people he actually touched by his actions.

When people who are blowing things up and shooting people everyday, it’s nice when someone helps you out just because they want to help, especially when those people aren’t expecting anything back in return. I’m thankful for all the wonderful in the life even though it gets overshadowed.

I think we need to bring more of this humanity back to the forefront. Help someone, smile at someone, tell someone thank you, open a door or just give someone a hug just because you can. There’s so much bad in the world, let’s bring back some good.