Good Friday leads to a workout plan.

I hope everyone is enjoying Good Friday! I’ve been trying to get things organized in my house because it’s been complete chaos. Today I’ve been working on my office because I don’t actually work in here. I usually end up working on the couch and not much work gets accomplished there. Maybe when I get everything organized I’ll share a picture but right now, I’m just too embarrassed.

After a rest day yesterday, I was glad to be back in the game today! Nothing like pushing people through a great workout at 5am. Have a great day! #fitfam #fitfluential #ffcheckin
I’ve been sporting one calf sleeve all week because I have a peroneal tendon strain. I rolled my ankle a bit last week during the trail run and it’s still kind of bugging me now. The one calf sleeve thing has been helping but I know I need to get back to icing it.

This week I’ve been really trying to get back on schedule. Lately I’ve fallen off of a schedule and not planning my workouts and such. I haven’t been a good fitness inspiration or motivation to anyone lately. I do apologize for that. I use to always have a plan but then I started deviating from the plan and sometimes just pushing workouts to another time. Everything was much better when I had everything worked out ahead of time. I guess it’s not different than meal prepping, right? It’s just a workout plan…and I need to stick to it.


This morning I went to the gym to do some weights and strength. There were no classes this morning because it’s Good Friday so I toted my iPad to the gym with me and did a Tone It Up Beach Barre workout! I decided to get out of the house to do this workout because I need to create some separate spaces. Plus, there is more variety of weights and dumbbells at the gym so the workout was a little different this morning. It kind of kicked my booty. After I was done with that, I opted to do a little running on the treadmill. I wanted to get in a full 30 minutes of running but that didn’t happen, I only got 26 minutes in. And I ran without my watch today so I could just enjoy it.

I’m not doing much this weekend except for spending some time with Willie and continuing to tackle my office. Yep, I’m not running a race even though I would love to be doing so this weekend.

Do you have any big plans for Easter weekend?  Are you going to workout today?