Water drinking experiment: out of sight out of mind?

It’s winter.  It’s coldish and the need to drink water has lessened.  I’m not trying to cool my body off from heat and I’m just plain not thirsty.  These are the times it’s very trying to achieve my daily water goals.  I’ve been failing at this lately. I had my very own water drinking experiment.

I always tell people to put water on their desk at work.  I use to do it all the time but then I stopped or I would place my bottle across the room.  It was never within reach.  When it was far away from me, I never thought about drinking it.  I wasn’t thirsty.  Drinking anything was far from my radar.  I began to take note.

Water drinking
The other day I filled up my water bottle at home and brought it with me to work and put it on my computer desk in plain view.  I drank more water in an hour than I would all day when the bottle wasn’t in view.

Water drinking
Another day I put a 16ox bottle of water on my desk for my water supply for the morning. I barely finished the bottle. The next day I put my blue 32 oz bottle on my desk and drank double the amount of water I drank the day before. Maybe the size of the bottle means something too? What does that tell us?

Fill up your cup, put it in plain view and drink up. It is true, out of sight; out of mind does really mean something.  I haven’t been meeting my water goals because I haven’t made the water accessible to me.  This is just something for you to think about with your intake of liquids.

If you’re keeping soda and other sugary drinks within arms leg you are probably just drinking them because they are there and not because you’re thirsty…and you’re racking up a lot of calories with every 8 ounces.  Try replaces those sugary drinks with just some water and see where it goes.

I know I’ve talked about water drinking a lot but it’s that thing that keeps creeping up. This is just something I noticed in my daily life.

Do you drink out of a big cup or a smaller cup?