It’s time to get your HIIT on!

It’s time to change up those workouts people.  When I feel like I need a change, I take a HIIT.

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training.  It burns A LOT of calories and gets in everything that you need.  Cardio and strength in one killer workout so it’s one of the best.  I have a love/hate relationships with HIIT workouts because I know the workouts are going to be intense so I hate them.  I love them because I definitely see improvement in my body and fitness after doing these workouts for a while.  The key is to stick with the workouts.

A HIIT workout combines high intensity periods of workout with moderate periods of rest.  This keeps your heart rate up and the blood pumping for a great workout.

Benefits of HIIT workouts:

  • If you don’t have a lot of time in the day, this one way to get in a productive workout in a short amount of time.
  • It’s a total body workout.
  • No equipment needed.  It’s a workout you can do at home or at the gym in a class format. (You may decided to add weights or other equipment though.  It’s up to you.)
  • Increases your metabolism.

I wanted to provide you with some samples of HIIT workouts.  You can find most of this stuff free on YouTube and other places on the web.  I regularly do Tone It Up and Fitness Blender HIITs so I stand behind these workouts.

From Tone It Up:

From Fitness Blender:

And there are always some Pinterest HIITs too: