The things I’m not…

It’s time for me to snap out of some things and I’m really trying to refocus the blog to where it needs to be.  I just finished reading The Happiness of Pursuit and the book has completely changed my world and I think it’s starting to change Willie’s world too.  My point: I want to be happy as much as I possibly can in life.  I understand that I will not be happy all moments of my life but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a complete downer.

I can only be the person I am.

I can’t be anyone but me.  I’m a people pleaser so I try to be everything for everyone but this just isn’t realistic.  So when it comes to the blog there will be a change.  I’m not a food blogger.  I’ve never wanted to be a food blogger.  I love to cook but I’m content cooking just be cooking.  Willie wants to be a food blogger.  Willie is HAPPY creating new dishes and trying new things in the kitchen.  Willie = food blogger, Angela is not.

Coming to the realization has kind of cleared up a lot of things for both us when it comes to blogging.  Willie felt the need to blog about his running and races where that’s not really him.  That’s me.  I felt the need to talk about the food which is more him.  It’s time to start thinking of We Beat Fat and Fueled By Running as a team endeavor.

I’m going to talk about the living the healthy lifestyle: being active and the mind body and soul and Willie is going to talk about what goes into the healthy lifestyle body and working out.  That’s where his heart is and mine is being active, finding yourself and your happiness and of course running/endurance sports.  We both will talk about traveling and pushing past our comfort zones.

I can’t deny that I’m a running.  I can’t deny that I am going to start training for my first half Ironman.  I can’t deny that I’m about to embark on a quest that will teach me not only about our great country but about myself.  These are parts of me that keep me moving forward.

This past year, I’ve truly seen that I’m wired differently than most.  I’m always looking toward the next thing and I guess I’ve always been that way.  I’ve just never taken the time to notice it.  It’s not about what I’ve done, it’s about the challenge of doing more.  I never want to stay stagnant .  I will keep pushing forward and I can’t deny that simple fact.

For most people it’s not going to be relating to the activity (endurance sports), but that doesn’t mean you won’t relate the stories.  It’s about a deeper meaning.  It’s much more than running a marathon; it’s about time, commitment, discipline, self-confidence, fear, doubt, accomplishment and so much more.  All those things that are wrapped up in my weight loss story play through into the many parts of my now life.  Weight loss has made me stronger in so many ways.

So I can only be me and nothing more, but I will always encourage, motivate and inspire others to achieve what they deem impossible.  Keep reading.