The importance of being you

I guess today is a little inspirational post.

Over the course of my marathon training, I’ve struggled with doing things for myself. I’m sure a lot of you struggle with this too, especially when others who are dependent on you. I don’t have any children but I’ve been left to task of caring for my mother as she battled cancer along with many other responsibilities. I declared this time in my life as a time to do something for myself…and I got flack for it.

The most important thing to realize is that NO ONE is going to be 100% behind you in anything that you do. People will question, people will judge and yes, some people will want you to fail. There are a lot of negative forces out there in the world, BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER LET THOSE THINGS STOP YOU FROM BEING YOU!

When I was bigger people judged me for being big, when I lost weight people complained I was too skinny. When I wasn’t working out and I was eating mounds of food on the couch, no one ever said anything to me, but when I started working out, some people questioned my behavior and said I was working out too much! And then there was the running which came with lots of negative conversations…my point in telling you this is no one is going to be happy. People will always find something to complain or pick about!

You have to remember anything that you do you’re doing it for yourself and no one else! If you’re trying to lose weight, ultimately you’re doing it for yourself! If you love cooking, you cook to make yourself happy. If you devote your time to reading books, you’re reading because it makes you feel good. These are the moments that become all about you and no one else. If it makes you happy, and it’s not a destructive action or behavior (sorry I had to throw that in), then do it. Dance like no one is watching and have a great time because it’s going to make you happy.

Don’t let anyone stand in the way of something you want because you deserve any dream in life. You deserve any dream BUT you have to go after it!