The story about my flu shot

Since I’m going to be doing A LOT of traveling from now until the end of the year.  I decided that I should get a flu shot.  I think everyone should get a flu shot.  I also thought it was wise to get a flu shot because I’m also running a few marathons and that’s going to tear down my immune system.  After running these marathons, I’m going to have to get on a plane too.

Before I got any further, GET A FLU SHOT!

Flu shot

I got my flu shot. I first went to Walgreens because I wanted to get some points for getting my shot but apparently, they don’t take my insurance. It took them almost an hour to figure out they don’t take my insurance. So I drove on over to the CVS Minute Clinic, waited 20 minutes to see the nurse, 1 min to discover they DO accept my insurance and 1 min to get my shot! My point is, it doesn’t take long at all to make sure you don’t get flu.

There are two options when it comes to getting your flu shot: the regular flu shot or the high-dosage shot which contains two strains of A & B flu viruses. Without insurance, the cost of the flu was $31.99 for the regular vaccination and %51.99 for the high dosage. I was prepared to pay for the full amount because I know I really needed a flu shot. I haven’t gotten a flu shot in 3 years. Don’t make my mistake.

I was so glad it didn’t take too long to get the shot because I was starving. I ran out of there and wanted to eat everything in sight. I should have eaten a snack. But now that I think about it, I had a snack in my car. Epic Angie Fail.

But I got the shot.  Have you gotten your flu shot?