What’s the best thing about you?

It’s time to stop and think for a moment.  What’s the best thing about you?


So many times we get lost in the shuffle of worrying about every day life or caring for others that we don’t stop to think about ourselves.  There are many times when we admire so much about others but don’t take the time to see what others might see in you.

This week someone special posted this on my facebook wall:

In case no one has told you lately you are amazing and inspiring.

My first thought was this was so nice of her to say this to me, but I am neither amazing or inspiring.

I just don’t see myself in that manner. I don’t do anything special and I just hustle my way through life doing the things that I want to do. That’s the honest truth. I really don’t think about myself that much.  I think about me accomplishing my to do list everyday, but outside of that…nothing.  That’s probably really bad.

Others see this as something special and I’m learning I need to take note. I guess this is a lesson to everyone, even when you think people aren’t watching…they are. Sometimes they are following your lead and sometimes you just might be giving them the push that they need.

To me, I’m ordinary. I’m boring. I’m overly sensitive. I’m the girl standing in the back of the room who doesn’t know how to talk to people.

I sometimes come across stand off-ish, but I have a serious case of BRF!

But for all those things I know I am so much for than that. I’m extremely loyal. I care deeply about the people in my life. I like helping people (even though it frustrates me to no end when I can’t help someone). And I know I’m one determined person. So that’s the best thing about me.

What’s the best thing about you?