Christmas came a little early this year

This weekend I went to visit my bestie in Mississippi!  It was her son’s birthday so she had to put on a good show.  But first I had to get my run in.


I love running there.  I must tell you, that is where I really fell in love with running.  That was the first city I ever ran in outside of Beaumont.  I was at peace there, running on the beach and just take it in.  It’s also the place where I tripped over a huge road sign while running in the early morning hours too, but that’s not important.


Mandie’s theme for the party was Christmas.  People were supposed to bring toys instead of gifts for the lil man so they could donate them to the Salvation Army for Christmas.  I thought that was a great idea.  It was really cute.  She had Christmas tree sugar cookies and Santa came to visit!


And I got the bounce in the bounce house.  I’ve waited my entire life to that.  You know being overweight will definitely shut that down for you!  I didn’t want to seem too overly excited to jump in it so I was trying to jump with the kids.  But they were all too busy playing one that didn’t look like a bouncy; it looked more like a Spartan race.  I jumped alone and it was fun!

And in between all this Christmas birthday madness, I got to talk with my best friend and it was what I needed! It’s nice and IMPORTANT to have a strong support system behind you.  Support is the most important thing.  But let’s not confuse support with surrounding yourself with “yes” people.  Support means being there to help you through the good and the bad times but also telling you the truth when you need to hear it the most, no matter how much it might sting.  When it comes from a good place, it doesn’t hurt quite so bad and you’re probably more likely to listen.

That being said…

All you people who think all I do is workout and run?  That’s not true.  I work out and run and REWARD myself with things like this…being happy!

What fun thing did you do this weekend?