Getting back to the goals

I use to be really big on posting my monthly goals on the blog but somehow that got away from me.  I need to have my long term and short term goals in writing as a reminder.  I preached that writing your goals down was essential to success and I did the opposite.  A lot of things have gotten away from me in the past few months and I want to get back to ground zero which leads me to my goals list. 1.  I’d like to get back to where I started.  This blog has been a labor of love… View Post

Christmas came a little early this year

This weekend I went to visit my bestie in Mississippi!  It was her son’s birthday so she had to put on a good show.  But first I had to get my run in. I love running there.  I must tell you, that is where I really fell in love with running.  That was the first city I ever ran in outside of Beaumont.  I was at peace there, running on the beach and just take it in.  It’s also the place where I tripped over a huge road sign while running in the early morning hours too, but that’s not… View Post

Today is Willie’s Birthday

He’s becoming an OLD man, but there’s nothing wrong with that. The older he gets, the more handsome he becomes, he gets a little bit smarter and a whole lot wiser. I’m hoping he has a wonderful day. Birthdays haven’t always been the best or most eventful moments in his life so I ALWAYS want to make the day something special for him. It’s kind of hard to make it amazing when it falls on a Tuesday. If I had it my way, I would take him to California. Wait!?! We already did that. Ok, so maybe we would go… View Post

A look at friendships

It’s time to take a wellness break here on the blog. I’m all about living a healthy life through mind, body AND soul. So let’s talk about friends. I was never the girl who had a lot of friends.  My close friends I can count on my hand and those are the people I lean on in the good and bad times. I like to think I am a very good friend most of the time but you never really know. A couple of days ago I was reading Kimberly’s blog and she linked to this article: 7 Friends Every Woman… View Post

More than just about weight loss

We wanted to lose the weight to improve our quality of life and we did it! I’m here to tell losing weight was only the FIRST step in improving our quality of life. I learned in hindsight that the weight was holding us back from not just being physically active but also socially active. Don’t get me wrong, we both have a GREAT set of BEST friends in our life but all but one set live out of state.  The in state people don’t even live in our city.  Willie and I spent a LOT of time sitting at home,… View Post