Knowledge is power so go get it!

My favorite graduate school professor told me “knowledge is power but people don’t want to pay for that power.” Paying for information doesn’t necessarily mean a monetary exchange, sometimes is a time exchange too. Hearing that statement changed my world and continues to influence how I look at things now.

I want to preface this post by saying I don’t want to come across preachy or bossy or whatever adjective you will insert here. People have sent many e-mails asking me what exactly we ate and when. I’m not an expert. I can’t develop a plan for you. And even if I could develop a plan for you based off of what we did, it may not work for you.

People really want to know everything we did to get from this:


to this.


I’m sorry I didn’t have a magic answer for you. It was a trial and error process. Things weren’t always easy and we didn’t know a lot about stuff.

You know how we found out lots of our information? By asking questions and if we didn’t know who to ask the questions to, we searched the internet. Our weight loss journey was a lot of research. The greatest resource we had during our journey was the internet.

It’s amazing because you can find out pretty much whatever you need to know just by searching. If I had a question about how much protein I should be having in a day, I could search for it. Yes there is a lot of junk of out there but there are some credibly sources on most matters.

I’m no expert now. I’m not a certified personal training but I’ve been working on it. I’m not a dietitian or nutrition specialist either. It’s all about taking the simple knowledge out there and growing upon that knowledge. I ALWAYS suggest that you talk to your physician before starting a new diet and exercise program and that is always a source of finding out the information that you need.

But we have always lived by a simple rule:

Eat better foods and get moving!

How did we lose the weight? We stopped eating all those bad foods and started moving more. There are just some things that are bad for us and we just don’t eat them anymore. We stopped with fast fried food and started eating whole foods and a balanced diet. Plus eating on schedule and drinking more water. We started getting out and moving for 45 mins a day.

It’s just that simple! No magic diet. No magic workout plan. But it was a learning process. We learned the things we could eat and what we couldn’t. We learned about work outs and staying fit but we mostly did that through the internet, reading books and magazines, and most importantly asking REAL questions.

I was totally against paying for Weight Watchers for others but in hindsight, I don’t think it’s a bad thing because some people need that. We did not need that. Paying for these programs allows a person to gain support, tools and the knowledge to succeed. There is nothing wrong with that because knowledge is power and sometimes you have to pay for those things!

Losing weight takes time and patience.  But the time doesn’t start ticking away until you start the journey.  Every day you put it off is one more day that you’ll be behind on your goal of reaching the finish!

I am here for you to ask questions so please feel free to ask questions on the blog or send an e-mail.  If I get multiples of the same question, I will answer the question on the blog instead of individually.

Do you have a question about weight loss, healthy eating or getting active?