Do you like t-shirts with motivation words?

Today is your lucky day if you do!  Remember last year when Willie and I were raising money for St. Jude’s Children Hospital to run in the canceled marathon?  Well we are doing it again!  Last year, Team We Beat Fat raised $2500 for the the children at hospital.  This year we want to raise money again.


Together, Willie and I, will run the St. Jude Marathon in December and we would love to be able to sport a heroes singlet as we run through the St. Jude campus.  Every dollar counts and helps a child fight their battle with cancer.

Our fundraising goal isn’t as rigid as last year’s goal, but we would like to raise $100 each for the children of St. Jude. That minimum amount will get us a singlet to wear on race day and means you helped a child and family in need.  St. Jude services are free for each child so any amount of money keeps healthcare free for a child.

This year we are selling t-shirts for the cause!  ALL profits from the shirts will go to St. Jude! And if you buy a shirt, we’ll send you a thank card in the mail!  How exciting is that? Ok, I’ll stop being stupid now.  But if you buy a shirt, all the profits will go toward helping a St. Jude child in need.

shop now at:

If you don’t want a shirt, you can still donate to the cause.  If there is any bit you can spare, we will gladly take it for this great cause.  $1, $5, $10…it’s all going to St. Jude.

Here are the links to our fundraising pages:

Donate to Angela at

Donate to Willie at