Failure to finish can’t stop a Mother’s Day

Confession:  I haven’t been feeling too hot since our last hours in China!  When I got on the plane, it wasn’t good.  My stomach hurt so bad.  I didn’t really know what was going on.  I knew that being on a plane for 13 hours and then another flight after that wasn’t the way to end my stomach problems.  But it went away the by the end of the next day.  I thought things were good.  Until Friday morning, it started back again.  I spent most of the day sleeping on Friday when I should have been at work but I was still determined to run my first 50K (31 miles) on Saturday morning. It was going to be my first ultra marathon and I really wanted to finish because I didn’t finish the Great Wall of China Marathon. I was ready to kick Hogs Hunt 50K in the face!

I wasn't feeling well on the trail but that didn't meaning couldn't take some pictures! #hogshunt #50k #25k #trails #trailrunning

But I got sick on the trail. It was really pretty and serene but once again, not a place to get sick. I was fine for the first 8 or 9 miles, but after that it was all down hill. The race was supposed to be two loops of 15.5 miles. I knew at mile 9 I wasn’t going to make the second loop. I really wanted to finish this race but my body just told me NO. My body was screaming for me to stop! I really wanted to push on, but sadly when I reached the end of the first loop I had to call it quits.

Not an ultra marathoner today! I finished the 15.5 mile loop but couldn't go back for another. My body was telling me no! #running #runchat #raceday
So I didn’t become an ultra marathoner on Saturday which makes me sad, but I know I’ll have another go at it. Most importantly, I needed to feel better. Willie drove me home and I slept and I continued to sleep for the rest of the day. I was in horrible pain for the rest of the day, but Willie took good care of me. It carried over into Sunday which wasn’t fun because we were supposed to cook a big gigantic meal for my mom. But I just wasn’t feeling well.

Got myself out of bed to take my momma out! Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful momma!
I finally got myself up so I could take my momma out to eat! It was Mother’s Day after all. She was fine with not going anywhere but I definitely didn’t want her Mother’s Day to be ruined because I was sick! My momma is a great woman. She’s overcome so many things in life and she’s still standing. There would be no me without her and I love her dearly! Every great thing I am is because of her. I hope she enjoyed her Mother’s Day! The big cook off will have to wait for another day!

Today I’m feeling a little better and was able to do some working out. Nothing serious, but it was something! I won’t complain.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day? BIG THANKS to all the moms out there who sacrifice their time and love to raise us kids! Y’all are awesome!