Week in Review #5 2020

Hello friends. Can I say this is a huge accomplishment that I’ve made it to a week in review #5? I’ve been trying to ease my way back into the blogging game, and I thought this was the best way to handle it all. It seems to be working. I hope y’all had a great week. The last week presented nothing special about the week. The big thing on my mind has been dealing with owning a business during these COVID times. It’s been challenging and scary at times, but all I can do is go one day at a time. I know things will get better, and I have to keep a positive attitude about it all. I can do hard things, and this is just one more challenging thing to work through.

My sleeping patterns have been off and on. For the most part, I feel like sleep has improved, but it hasn’t been very consistent. Overall, I do feel rested and inspired to make good content and to live a healthy life.

Food this week:

Week in review #5 2020

Let’s say I grew a bit tired of the HelloFresh meals this week. I did the unthinkable and didn’t even make my third meal. I need easy meals, and I made the mistake of ordering another risotto dish. I didn’t enjoy it, and those meals take too long to complete. I did enjoy my turkey flautas, but I didn’t feel like it was enough food for dinner, mostly since there was no vegetable of some sort. The turkey flautas were suitable for a lunch meal, which I paired with a salad.  

For the rest of the week, I ate turkey burgers with a side salad or ate Lean Cuisine meals. I have decided to put my Hello Fresh box on hold for this week partly because it’s Thanksgiving, and I wasn’t satisfied with my meals last week. 

My workouts this week:

Week in review #5 2020
Some weeks I spend more time running, and other weeks, I spend more time spinning. This past week I did more running, and I enjoyed it. I’ve worked on less walking and more running. I see some improvements, and I’m happy with the direction I took this past week. I quickly learned I need new running shoes; mine are definitely past their shelf life of 300 miles. I know there have been many miles on those shoes. 

Monday: 45 minute Pop ride on Peleton with a 10 minute cool down. I did this ride with Cody Rigsby, who always makes a workout fun. I try to get a 45-minute ride done when I’m alone so I can’t be interrupted. The ride was fun and a great way to start the week.

Tuesday:  3.11-mile run. I was tired on this day, and I did not want to work out. I pushed through and went later in the day after taking a nap and felt better. I set a timer for 30-minutes to rest and told myself I needed to run. This workout was the start of reducing my walking intervals. My pace for this run was 13:43/mile.

Wednesday: 45-minute bike boot camp. Jess Sims always serves up a good workout. This boot camp was one of the most challenging workouts I’ve ever done. I felt relieved to be done but accomplished at the same time. A bike boot camp is a mix of HIIT cardio on the bike and strength work on the floor. This workout was brutal but worth it.

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 3.11-mile run. This run, I pushed my running. It was the same distance as my previous run, but I pushed my running intervals to build my endurance. It was not an easy run for me, but challenging workouts make us stronger in the long run…along with rest. My overall pace for this run was 13:02/mile.

Saturday: 4.11-mile run. For the first time in a long time, I was able to get up early to run by myself. This run was some easy miles, turned out to be very enjoyable. I want to start building my mileage up again and gain some speed. This is where I start on that running journey. My overall pace for this run was 13:26/mile.

Sunday: REST

Personal goals for the week:

Week in review #5 2020

I am trying to improve my daily outfits. I feel like I’ve been here before, and I never followed through. I have lots of clothes in my closet, and I love to accessorize. I don’t do it. I’m trying to put in an effort in my daily outfit choices instead of going with the “comfortable” option. Three out of the five days, I put together outfits I enjoyed. When I got rushed for time, I did fall back into the trap.  

Like with my healthy habits, I need to take the time to work on this and get more organized by picking out my clothes the night before or at the start of the week. Is that kind of like meal-prepping for the week? Picking out my outfits for the week on Sunday could save time during the week.

Videos this week:

That’s all for this week. I didn’t have any favorites to share with you or any special TV/books/clothes related things to share. This week was simple and done.

What was the best thing about your week last week?