Q&A: How do I get started in running?

The biggest question of the new year has been about getting into to running.  I’m in no way an expert but I’ll give you some friendly advice on the subject to help you get started.


1. The most important thing I recommend is getting fit for the right pair of shoes.  Go down to a local running store (not a Footlocker, Champs or Shoe Department) to talk to someone who is KNOWLEDGEABLE about running shoes.  Running shoes aren’t cheap so you want to make sure you have the pair that will work for you.  I made this mistake when I started running.  I had shoes that didn’t offer the right support and were about a size too small.  It made running a painful experience until I got the right shoes.

Also, asking people what brand of shoe they wear won’t help you!  Go to the store, find out what shoes are good for your gait and try on all different brands.  And please don’t go in there looking for a specific color of shoe and wanting that over a shoe that fits your food properly.

2. I don’t suggest if you are extremely overweight to start with running.  The stress that running puts on your joints will take a toll on your body.  I want everyone to enjoy running because I LOVE RUNNING! Don’t make it a negative experience because of something silly like this.  I started running too soon and I was forced to stop because of the ground impact.  Willie hated running because he started out too soon too and it took him awhile to even want to try it again.  Start out by walking slow at first and then at a faster pace…it will come I promise if you just stick with it.  That being said, everyone’s body is different and if you feel like you can run then GO AHEAD AND RUN.

3. There are a lot of couch to 5K apps out there that work with running and walking in intervals.  Once again, I didn’t do this and I wish I would have because it would have made running a lot easier for me.  These apps are weekly based programs that will have you running for some many minutes and walking for so many minutes.  It will help you build your running endurance to a point where you might not half to walk anymore!  It’s a nice way to get in shape, build fitness and work on that running endurance.

Here are some links to couch to 5K programs:
The Official Couch to 5K app

4. Get started with someone else. Yes this person will hold you accountable, but it’s nice to try new things when a friend by your side.  It won’t seems so tedious or hard if you’re sharing the experience with someone, even if that special someone is your dog!  The point of running is to get active and have fun.  Don’t be one of those people who dreads the run but still does it.

5. Lastly, I would recommend that you sign up for a 5K so you have something to work towards!  Make sure you sign up for an event that is a couple of months out, but not too many months out, to keep you motivated in your training. Your first race is one you’ll never forget so put in the work and it will be fun.

As always, I suggest you talk with your physician before starting any exercise routine.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you’re not going to be a strong runner out of the gate! Don’t get discouraged but do stick with it. If you want to be a good and/or faster runner, the key is to stay consistent with your running. Run a schedule and stick with it!

Do you run? Why did you start running?