Merry Christmas from us!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy Holidays to everyone else! Let’s all remember the reason for the season and spend some time with family and friends…and hot chocolate.

Merry Christmas! Hot chocolate and gingerbread tea are happening this morning! #christmas #beverages

We found some no sugar diet hot chocolate so I made some for Willie this morning. I enjoyed some gingerbread green tea! It was so good! I might partake in some eggless eggnog later on too. Have you tried it yet?

Merry Christmas from the Gillises!
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! We will be spending the day with family.

I’m not sure what we’re eating but I’ll keep you informed and I don’t think I’ll be working out today. It’s a day of rest and fun, but don’t blow it out folks!

What are you doing for Christmas?