Enjoying the Christmas season with a bike ride

This week has been filled with holiday things.  We had our run group Secret Santa on Monday and tonight we had the Christmas Light Bike Ride.  I was a little worried that it was going to rain tonight and we wouldn’t be able to ride.  It was misty, but I still made it.  It was really hard to see.


It all started with Sainta Clause.  Who Dat!

Dancing #santas!

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And then there were dancing Santas.


I had to get my picture taken with one of the dancing Santas.


I had a good time talking with Crystal on the ride. I never ever get a chance to talk to her so it was a good time. She’s a cool chick!

I enjoyed riding and looking at the Christmas lights! Some people really went all out with the lights. The photo above is courtesy of Karen Bourdier!

When I tried to take pictures of the lights, this is what I got. I’m not good at moving photography.


I had a good time with my friends!  The bike ride is always a highlight of the year.  It’s becoming a Christmas tradition for us.  I really love doing it.