Long run and The Rachael Ray Show Updates

Happy Saturday! This morning I tackled my first 13.1 in a non race situation. Alls I can say is, it didn’t go as horrible wrong as my Tuesday run so it was a success. And I ran it without music so this was how focused I was on running this run to it’s end.

Happy Saturday! Completed my first 13.1 in a non race situation! I didn't have quite as hard of a time this time as Tuesday but I would have rather done this in a race (because I was running slowly)! #marathontraining #runchat #running #nikeplus #training

The fun felt good and that’s all I could ask for but I guess I was running slower but steady in the humidity. I don’t have any complaints at all! Plus, I got to sport my new CEP night view compression socks. I got them at the expo at Rock n Roll Philadelphia because I do a lot of early morning running. I’m always afraid of being swiped by a car so I try to wear the brightest clothes possible. Ever wonder why I’m wearing the same 3 outfits in my running pictures? That’s why! FYI: Everyone is always asking about loose skin and if we have it? Well, in the picture above it’s resting in all it’s glory. To not so fun part of weight loss but I’d rather have it!

Soo, they are starting to post stuff about the episode of The Rachael Ray Show that featured Willie and I! I’m wicked excited and frightened at the same time.
Go check it out and don’t forget to watch on Monday, September 30! I’m wicked excited for everyone to see about our great experience.

And one more thing:

Have you seen this? This commercial made me smile so hard when I saw it. This just goes to show that hard work does pay off…even for the hamsters! We should all live for the applause. But I love this commercial so I thought I would share with all of you!