Do You Find Workouts Boring?

Do you find your workouts boring?  Let’s find out why you’re not enjoying working out. Working out is very, very good for your health. But so many people don’t do it simply because it’s too dull and not worth the time. Does that sound like a problem you’ve run into in the past? If so, we have some good news for you: an easy fix is out there! 

After all, if working out is boring to you, there could be a wealth of reasons as to why. Maybe you’re choosing the wrong workouts? Maybe you’re dealing with chronic pain? These are things that can be fixed, such as choosing an entirely new workout. A great chiropractor will always recommend movement to help with chronic pain, especially if the pain you’re feeling is localised to your back and hips. You deserve to feel good physically and it takes work and exercise to make that happen, and workouts are a gentle way to do it. When you know more about how you feel, it will be simple to make a change for the better! So, we’ve listed some of the most common fitness boredom sources below; see if any match up with how you feel and go from there.

Do You Find Workouts Boring? Let's Find Out Why

You’re Not Making Any Constructive Changes

Do you know the one most constructive change you can make when you’re bored with working out? Find something else to do! If you’re not having fun working out, it’s probably due to your chosen activity. Not all exercises will be enjoyed by everyone, and you don’t have to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing. Find something you’re interested in trying out and give it a go! 

You’re Doing it Alone

Working out alone is just the worst way to keep fit for some. Many of us need someone else to talk to, laugh with, and hold us accountable. And if that sounds like you, there’s a good chance your boredom stems from loneliness. So the next time you and a friend have some time off, why not hit the gym together? Or sign up for a class together? Even if the class is only 15 minutes long and you won’t see each other again for a couple of weeks, it’s an excellent way to spend the time! 

You’re Not Seeing Results

Without results, workouts are going to get very dull very quickly. What’s the point if you’re not getting anything out of it? And that’s where intensifying your routine comes in. It’s not that a workout wasn’t good for you – you didn’t commit to it as much as you should have. But thankfully, there are easy ways to rectify this. For one, you can attend a class like HOTWORX, where the environment will make you sweat harder, or you can try a HIIT-type routine that’ll get your heart pumping from beginning to end. 

Getting results from Hotworx

I signed up for Hotworx in February to try it, and now it’s an integral part of my workout routine. Hotworx is part of my cross-training routine and has dramatically improved my running. Hotworx allows me to focus on working all those muscles I don’t activate while running and gives me a unique environment to achieve my goals. Exercising in a sauna sound brutal, but the workout benefits are great. I’m glad I joined and stayed with it.

You Don’t Have a Proper Goal

Being aimless is one of the most significant sources of boredom. When you’ve nothing to work towards and no way to track your success, you’ll give up and do something else. Because it’s boring to be ‘trying constantly’ but never ‘succeeding’! Put an objective in place, such as shedding a couple of pounds, and celebrate when you notice the difference! 

In truth, if workouts are boring for you, they’re likely being done wrong!