The future is calling

The future is calling and it’s time to start making plans. A new day is on the horizon and I am really trying to start something new.  I need the change because things are just not good.  My attitude hasn’t been positive.  I’ve stopped planning, therefore, I’ve stopped setting goals. I’ve been slacking off a bit lately and I haven’t felt like myself.  I’ve been down.  I haven’t had a positive outlook on much.  I guess I’ve just been lost.

Normally, I’m really hard on myself for these things, but after a deep discussion yesterday I won’t be like that. It’s ok to hit those roadblocks. It’s ok to be lost. It’s ok to not know where to go. Most importantly, it’s ok to stop and reformulate your plans, your life, your intentions.

I’m habitual. I do things the same way all the time. It works for me. But I must remember there are multiple ways of doing things to achieve the same results. Sometimes there will be a need for a change. There will be a time for reevaluation.

The future is calling and I can’t help but hear it ringing out for me to set some goals.  I hear the future calling me to make some mental and emotional changes that will help me overcome the obstacles I put up for myself.  The future is calling because it the future wants me to be bright and fulfilled and not just complacent.

This week I’ve been trying out some new things.  I’ve been doing different workouts.  I’ve been trying different recipes.  I’ve been trying new things and that is what the future should be about.  New times, experiences, and positive vibes are going down.