The China trip is upon us

Excuse me, but I have nothing exciting to talk about except going to China.  It’s kept me really busy trying to get things together.  I’m trying to get everything together so we don’t have to buy much when we are there.  I’m looking forward to spending the time with Willie and just exploring the city of Beijing and maybe Shanghai.  I’ve allowed myself to get excited for the trip but that doesn’t mean I’m not worried about some things.

Studying up! #chinese #china #travel #mandarin #marathontraining
I’m super worried about the language barrier I’m going to experience. The first couple of days we’ll be with race people but after that, we’re on our own. Doing the Rosetta Stone experience and actually being in the country is going to be really different! That’s why Willie and I headed to the store to get a phrase book and we got a travel guide. I don’t intend to get that much use out of travel guide but the phrase book will get used a lot.

I’m nervous about the time difference. I don’t want to be dog tired so this weekend we’re going to start acclimating to the new time so we’re not completely thrown off when we get there. Immediately after getting there, we are going to do some tour group things so that’s going to keep us awake for a while. Our main goal is to be as tired as possible but sleep when the Chinese sleep. After all, we are running a marathon on Thursday, which will be your Wednesday!

Look what I've got. Runners handbook for #thegreatwallofchina #marathon! It's so close! #runchat #china #travel #training
The official runner’s handbook came out last week. I’ve read the thing over a couple of million times. I’m not sure if it’s nervousness or excitement. It’s probably a little bit of both. As we inch closer to the race, I’m getting optimistic about the experience. Last month, I thought I wasn’t going to finish it. This month, I feel like I can do it even though it’s going to be the hardest experience of my life. BUT I GET TO RUN ON HISTORY! This is going to be a life changing experience.

Thanks @rachaelrayshow and @expedia for our #tripofalifetime to #china. We just got our #gopro to capture #thegreatwallofchina #marathon!
So life changing that Willie has decided he wants to video the marathon! You know what I think about that? It’s going to be cool, but his arm is going to hurt. This is Willie’s first marathon and I really hope it’s not his last. Do I want him to marathon like me? No! But I would like him to do another marathon, one day! This marathon is an adventure race much different than a road race. It’s more on a ultra marathon level, but I’m ready. Are you excited to see the footage?

Bad day so I needed a lonely #run but an amazing day in American running! #runchat

Right now this is the only thing on my mind! My mind has already left on the plane, but I still have to continue life. I wonder though, should I change my watch from miles to km?