Fitness Friday: Resistance Band Exercises

I got some cool stuff at Fitbloggin’ in the form of resistance bands and I thought that I should give them a try.  I never really did much with resistance bands in the past so I had no idea what to do with them.  My biggest motivation in using these bands is because I can’t really lift since I’m pregnant but this is a great way to get some strength work into my exercise routine.  I know I got a really great workout at the conference and that is something I want to duplicate at home.  I had no idea where to start though which got me to thinking that someone else might have the same problem.


I’ll start with the basics:  resistance bands are cheap and work with your own strength and body weight.  Willie got me a set of resistance bands a couple of Christmas’ back but like I mentioned before, I never really used them.  This the set of bands I have and it seems like a pretty complete set, ($30), especially for the price.  I haven’t had much problems with these bands.

I also have my eyes on a set of resistance loops for some other exercise needs.  I’ll have to do some research to find out about these loops because I’m completely clueless on the matter.  I’ll report back to you when I find out.

It’s time for to cut to the chase, here are some beginner restistance band workouts.

Shoulders and Arms:

Short Full Body:

Total Full Body Workout:

Tone It Up: Band Workout:

If you try any of these workouts, please let me know what you think. From previous posts, you know I’m a big fan of the Tone It Up women but I wanted to give you some variety with your workouts.

Have you done much work with resistance bands? Why or why not?