Don’t be afraid of workout modifications

No workout should ever be too hard, unmanageable or out of reach.  There is always an option for working out.  I’ve learned a great deal about workout modifications and the main thing about working out is making it work for YOU!  There’s no reason to be afraid to try something because you think it’s going to be too hard because there is always a way to modify to your needs and abilities.  And if you’re worried what other people are going to say, don’t worry.  People really aren’t paying that much attention to you at the gym.  Everyone is focused on… View Post

Fitness Friday: Resistance Band Exercises

I got some cool stuff at Fitbloggin’ in the form of resistance bands and I thought that I should give them a try.  I never really did much with resistance bands in the past so I had no idea what to do with them.  My biggest motivation in using these bands is because I can’t really lift since I’m pregnant but this is a great way to get some strength work into my exercise routine.  I know I got a really great workout at the conference and that is something I want to duplicate at home.  I had no idea… View Post