Water drinking experiment: out of sight out of mind?

It’s winter.  It’s coldish and the need to drink water has lessened.  I’m not trying to cool my body off from heat and I’m just plain not thirsty.  These are the times it’s very trying to achieve my daily water goals.  I’ve been failing at this lately. I had my very own water drinking experiment. I always tell people to put water on their desk at work.  I use to do it all the time but then I stopped or I would place my bottle across the room.  It was never within reach.  When it was far away from me,… View Post

Summer hydration safety

I have some lofty goals for this summer that I know I won’t be able to accomplish unless I focus on hydration. Hydration is an important part of daily life AND to those who are on a weight loss journey. Drinking water helps your metabolism which is something we are all trying to achieve, right? *Yes, I know I spent a lot of time talking about Nuun in this post. There is no compensation happening here. It’s just a product I love and use on a regular basis. It’s definitely apart of my daily routine. I can tell you all… View Post

Stay hydrated. Drink water!

At the beginning of the summer Willie started this water drinking thing because he felt like he wasn’t getting enough.  He started doing it so of course I jumped on it too.  I just didn’t use that annoying app that has reminders to drink all the time.  (Truth: Every time that sucker went off I was more inclined to use the bathroom instead of drinking water.) But it really got my thinking, do I drink enough water?  We’ve been told since we were little that we needed 8 glasses of water per day.  But then I read this on PBS:… View Post

Do you drink enough water?

There are two things that will halt your weight loss: water and sleep. If you’re not drinking enough water something is going on in your body. I’m not going to pretend to know the science behind this and get all technical. That wouldn’t be fun and that would be a step in the wrong information direction for me. I’ve read the articles and studies saying drinking water is better than drinking sugary drinks. Isn’t that a big “duh?” I’ve read consuming water before meals helps you eat less keeping the calorie intake lower than a person drinking alcohol or soda.… View Post