Week in Review #3 2020

Hello friends. This blog is late because I couldn’t bring myself to recap the week. To say this is a challenging time in the country would be an understatement. It’s sad to see people losing friendships and saying NASTY things to each over politics. We can co-exist without making that define them. It’s sad seeing people in real life saying things to each other that are damaging. I know it runs a bit deeper than this, but we should be kind and understanding. On to the week: I wasn’t a good blogger because I didn’t take a picture of anything… View Post

The kindness of strangers

The past few weeks I’ve been reminded on the kindness of strangers…and friends. I’ve had a lot of trying times that have left me spread thing over the past few weeks but I’ve been able to make it through with kindness. It’s hard to remember there is good in humanity. There are people who still care to make you smile. There are people out there who still want to help. There are people out there who still care. Those people may be people in your life already or just a random stranger. This past weekend I ran a 50 miler… View Post