Three way: enjoyable apple recipes

I’m excited to introduce a new thing to the blog called the three way.  It’s something I thought would be fun, but it’s been a learning experience.  I’m glad I started off with something simple like an apple.  I’m a huge fan of red apples: gala, pink lady, jazz…I can never have enough.  Willie is strictly Granny Smith but that’s too tart for me.


It’s fall and everything is going pumpkin again.  I love pumpkin but we should really enjoy the great selection of apples coming our way.  That’s the reason for the apple three way.  I went sweet this time but these are great low calorie snacks that you won’t feel bad eating.  Remember, it’s about moderation.

This is the first three way and I promise it will only get better from here.  Take the time to watch the video and the recipes will be down below.

I’m super excited to be sharing some apple recipes with you from the video:

The Apple Pizza

The Apple Quesadilla

The Stuffed Apple

I really hope you enjoyed the first three way.  Remember it will only get better from here.  It’s a learn process with the video and recipes.  I always want to keep things simple for everyday life.  Share with your friends and pin away.

What’s your favorite type of apple: green or red?