Make every moment count

Hello my friends!  If you didn’t know, I spent the weekend road tripping to Kentucky to run the inaugural Horse Capital Marathon.  It was a long trip but a lot of fun.

Taking a selfie at the rest stop! We're in Kentucky! #roadtrip #marathonmaniacs #halffanatics #webeatfat

I got to catch up with an old friend AND along the way I had a lot of fun.  I’m currently still recovering for the marathon and the even longer car ride, but a recap will be coming soon.

It’s Monday which means I like to give a little motivation to start your week. I didn’t know what message I wanted to convey this morning.  I took part in a lot of conversations this weekend with many people.  I heard stories of preserving, great will, family, love and so much more.

Horse Capital marathon

The one thing I’m taking away from the weekend is always remember to have fun. We mad a few stops along to way which was great! I was really serious about making it to our destination before we left. But when we hit the road, I started to realize it’s not about arriving. It’s about the road to get there. So we stopped. We laughed. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious.  Everything doesn’t need to be scheduled.  Every conversation doesn’t need to mean something.  BUT EVERY moment should count for something.

There isn’t a moment from this weekend that didn’t count for something.  Surround yourself with people who will listen to you, who will laugh with you, who will talk to you, who will be real with you, who want to know you through every change in your life, who will support you and will just allow you to just be yourself.

It’s just one thing you can do for yourself that will let you live in the moments and for the moments.  Life is too short to not make every moment count.  Every moment is learning opportunity whether it’s good or bad. Every moment matters.