Weight loss and changing your routine

Weight loss has been a big subject in our house again.  Willie is trying to drop some pounds and is going back to the methods.  That means we’ve been talking about it much more but I guess more about what happens after weight loss.

It’s been on my mind about the struggles, the fears, the pay off…everything that has come along with it.  The biggest thing we’ve been talking about is changing up the workouts.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in doing something that you like to do but it’s important to change up your workouts.  The body responds to working out in a positive way but just like anything else, too much of a good thing can be bad.


Sounds weird coming from me since I run all the time.  Running is something that I love to do, but I really don’t depend on that to be my workout.  Running is that bonus workout that I get in.  It is what works best for me and that probably why I don’t HATE running.

If you’re use to doing the treadmill change it up at least once a week and do something else.  The body changes and adapts to the exercises and that means the bar constantly has to be raised.  That sounds like a good thing, right?  Well sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.  When I started running, walking on the treadmill did nothing for me because it didn’t raise my heart rate.  The purpose of exercise is to elevate your heart rate to a specific zone for your age.

Changing your workout doesn’t always mean trying something new but I want everyone to try something new or different they never thought they would try.  Add more intensity to your workout by upping the incline, adding more resistance, running a little bit longer; all these things can help you change your workout game.

Sometimes when you hit the weight loss plateau and haven’t lost weight in a couple of weeks, it might just be best to change it up and try something different. It’s important to try something new and that can also help with breaking out of your workout routine rutt.

What is a workout you want to try but haven’t been able to try?

I really want to try a Pound workout!  I think it would be really fun!