The worst possible time to be sick

I’m traveling to Washington DC tomorrow and guess what?  I’m sick.  This is the worst possible time for me to have anything.  It could be worse though because I did get a flu shot. I’m pretty sure I’m sick because I was in milder temps this past weekend and then returned home to the sauna.

That’s why I’m behind on the blog stuff. I’ll be catching up shortly.

Starting off my day the right way with a workout! Please excuse the expression on my face, I don't know where that came from. What's your workout for today?
I woke up yesterday feeling ok. I got up to teach my class. There was nothing unusual going on there. Just a good ole cycle workout.

Feeling a little "little house on the prairie" today. #fashion #skirts #blue
I even wore a skirt yesterday. I must have been in a good mood. It might have been that Little House on the Prairie feeling that took over me. But as the day progressed, I started to feel bad.

I left work early and fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. Willie came home and I think I went back to sleep again.

This is what sick on the couch looks like. Gotta get better before DC on Thursday. @williebeatfat made me a smoothie cause I can't eat.
He fixed me a smoothie because I couldn’t eat anything and then I think I went to sleep again. The next thing you know it’s 5am. So I’ve been pumping my body full of Vitamin C and OTC meds because I’m running the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday and I have to be well.

What’s your sick time remedy?