A week in review: washing machines and workouts

Happy Friday everyone!  This has been the LONGEST short week of my life.  I’ve been finding it hard to push through this week so I’m definitely glad to have made it to Friday.  I wanted to share some of my highlights from the week.  Sadly, I don’t have many HIGHlights but there are a few.

First off, last Friday I went to wash clothes and something bad happened. This is totally not health and fitness related.

This happened. The timer dial wasn’t engaging. I must tell you this is a hand me down washer but FREE is always the best kind. About a year ago, we broke the knob off the washing machine timer, but it was still usable so we didn’t worry about it. Last Friday, the use of the washing machine without the knob finally met it’s end. I was able to fix it to make it usable but I ordered the parts to make it work.


All the parts came in yesterday so I decided to fix the washing machine. The only problem is the problem was bigger than I imagined. I probably should have checked that out the first time but I didn’t. It didn’t occur to me. In the end, I fixed the washing machine with my newly acquired parts and some duct tape. I was proud because I did it by myself. Well, I had to have Willie hold something in place while I taped it but I would have had it done before he got in the house if I didn’t have to go buy some tape.

I think I've gotten a zucchini and summer squash fritter recipe down! #instafood #foodstagram #healthyeating #fitfluential #imagreatist #veggies

I’ve also been trying to work on a zucchini and summer squash fritter. I see a lot of people are making them on the Internets; probably because they are SO in season right now. I wanted to try some different stuff. The first batch didn’t turn out the way I wanted but the second batch was on the MONEY! I’ll be sharing the recipe tomorrow on the blog.


My Workouts this week:

Sunday: REST DAY! Is it sad I had to really ask myself if I did no working out on this day?

Monday: 4 mile run and Beach Barre workout. It was a holiday, I was just glad to get something done.

This is how I started my day. I don't like it when Tuesday feels like Monday. #workout #fitfluential #fitfam #sweatpink
Tuesday: Taught my 5AM cycle class and did a HIIT workout in the afternoon. Tuesday kind of felt like a MONDAY in workout land but it must be done.  The HIIT workout kind of killed my legs.

#running was hard today. Definitely was lacking motivation to get a workout in the evening. On a positive note, this was my first pain free run in two weeks. And I wore my new @brooksrunning shoes. What motivated you to workout today? #fitfluential #sweat
Wednesday: Group Power (AM) and 5.6 mile run (PM). This was probably the hardest day of the week for me because I wasn’t feeling the run. I LOVE to run BUT I HATE when it’s my workout for the day. It puts too much pressure on the run. It was a struggle. I had to stop and go back home and start again later. I’m only human.

Thursday: Taught 5AM Group Ride. I was supposed to go to Centergy last night but I was too busy fixing the washing machine so I missed it. My legs were done anyway.

Friday: 3 mile run before 5AM Group Power. Yep, I ran before Power this morning and I definitely felt it during class. Notice there are no pictures here. I got lazy with the pictures the more tired I got this week! I’ve learned I have some muscle imbalances that may have caused my running ouchees.  That’s why I’m very serious about going back to Group Power because I think I need a little heavier weight for my variety of workouts.

Saturday: I’m running a 10K with my best friend and I’ll have to add 6-7 more miles on top of that. I’m really hoping to get those miles in before the race because it’s going to be super hot when the race actually starts. Who starts a 10K after a 5K? And most importantly, who starts a race at 8:15 am in September in TEXAS? That race should start at 6:45 or something. Just saying.

I hope the weather starts to cool down just a little.  I miss being outside.  I would do all my workouts outside if I could but right now, it’s just too hot.

What workouts did you do this week? Did you get your strength training in?