I don’t spend a lot on my workout clothes. I’m not fancy.

The truth is: I’m not fancy. People have asked me several times where I get my workout clothes, especially when I was plus size. I have to be honest. I get most of my workout clothes from Walmart.

Even though I work out A LOT, I can’t justify spending so much money on clothes that I’m going to sweat in. I would love to wear Lululemon clothes, but it’s just too expensive for me. So yes, most of my workout clothes came from Walmart and still come from Walmart. I’m a girl on a budget.


At the start of every season, I hit up the Danksin section at Walmart and load up on the things I need. I’ve been wearing this stuff from day 1 of working out. Granted, now I know more than I knew back then but the stuff has help over for a long time! This was my favorite find at WalMart for winter. The pink turtle neck was good for working out outdoors, $12.


What I love most is that there are sizes for everyone. So you get great quality stuff for a low price and there’s nothing wrong with that. People have sent in lots of e-mails about getting cute workout clothing because that makes them feel better when working out. I might be the wrong person to ask about this because cuteness is never really the deciding factor in my workout apparel but that doesn’t mean I don’t like cute workout clothes. I LOVE COLOR! The brighter the better.

Finally got a chance to talk to @runeatrepeat at the #waytowelltour @walgreens bus! So excited! #fitbloggin
Yep, that workout shirt was $4 at Walmart and I bought it in 4 different colors!

The most important thing I look for in workout clothing is dri-fit, moisture wicking material. PLEASE stay away from cotton. It will make you hot and when you sweat it will literally weigh you down. Yes the shirts or tanks come with cute sayings, but they may not always be conducive to a hard workout.


I also buy a lot of clothes from Target at the C9 by Champion collection. But here comes that truth again, sometimes that stuff is too expensive for me to buy. I usually buy the stuff on the clearance rack.  Hello, I got my new shirt on the clearance rack at Academy. I got this skirt at Target from c9 on clearance for $5, normally it was a $24 skirt.

I spend my money on the things that are most important to me and that is shoes.  Workout/training/running shoes are key for me.  If you’re feet are messed up, then you can’t do much working out.  I didn’t know about this stuff when I started working out and I wore the wrong shoes for everything.  It left me with some serious foot issues.  There are different types of shoes for training, Crossfit, Zumba, running…invest in the shoes that will help you succeed in your workouts.  I promise it will be the best investment you’ll ever make for a weight loss/lifestyle change.


Now I don’t mind spending money for a few pieces that I know I’m going to wear a lot.  I have a pair of Nike tights that I’ve been wearing for 2 years.  I paid $50 for them and it pained me to drop that much, but like I said, I’m still wearing them.

All I can say is you don’t need to spend a fortune on workout clothes to look good!  Shop within your budget and look good while working out.  This probably wasn’t the answer most people wanted to hear, but I’m really not fancy.

Where do you buy your workout clothes? How much are you willing to spend on workout clothes?