Baby vs. the blog and the baby shower

I’m horrible with change.  It’s really something I hate to admit.  I require structure and boundaries.  I’m finding it difficult to blog for many reasons.  Obviously, I’m going through some serious life changes and I’m really trying to get my stuff together. I am really trying to crowd my blog with baby related things, but the truth is: that is the only thing on my mind. The point is if I’m going to keep blogging on the regular some things are going to have to change and it’s time for me to admit the truth.  Things are different and I’m… View Post

I do fun things every now and again and fail at meal prepping

Life is about finding balance right?  You may only think I’m doing active things or working out all the time but there’s more to me than just that stuff.  BUT working out and BEING ACTIVE are FUN things for me.  Everyone once and a while I have to take a break and just enjoy life though.  Life is that thing that happens when I’m not working out. This weekend I went to my best friend Shelby’s baby shower. I “hosted” it with my best friend Mandie, but I’m going to throw it all on her. I bought some decorations and… View Post