Baby vs. the blog and the baby shower

I’m horrible with change.  It’s really something I hate to admit.  I require structure and boundaries.  I’m finding it difficult to blog for many reasons.  Obviously, I’m going through some serious life changes and I’m really trying to get my stuff together. I am really trying to crowd my blog with baby related things, but the truth is: that is the only thing on my mind.

The point is if I’m going to keep blogging on the regular some things are going to have to change and it’s time for me to admit the truth.  Things are different and I’m going to be talking about a few more things than just fitness and eating healthy.

That being said, this past weekend I had my baby shower.  My best friends and sister threw me a wonderful shower.
This past weekend I had my baby shower hosted by my best friends and sister. If I can get my internet to work I'll blog about it. Big thanks to everyone who came to celebrate #babyg and my wonderful friends and sister for a beautiful shower. #babyshower #
It was so nice and better than anything I could ever imagine. It was just a really happy day to celebrate and hang out with all the important people in my life. I am truly grateful to all of these ladies for putting together something so nice and elegant…without many baby shower games.  

I didn’t really think anyone was going to show up. It might be a little stupid to say but I don’t fancy myself a social person and having events kind of makes me uneasy. I don’t like to be the center of attention either. This was a big step in my journey! But look at all the people who showed up; it looks like I may have been way off the mark.

I couldn’t decide what kind of cake I wanted so I got two different cakes: strawberry shortcake and a strawberry tres-leche cake. Both were a hit but there was more talk about the tres-leche cake. I taste tested for weeks but I just couldn’t decide which I wanted. I just know I wanted something strawberry.

And yes, I covered the initials of the Baby G because that’s not really something I think we’re ready to share with the world yet. I don’t know if this will be a permanent decision but for now, this is what it is.

The menu was a brunch menu because I LOVE breakfast food. I didn’t get any pictures of the food though. There was a breakfast sandwich on an english muffin, chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits. I split the chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits with my momma. Everyone seemed to like the choices too. I’m telling you, this baby shower was a hit!

And I got a lot of presents. Everything was pretty much covered and I’m so grateful to have such great people in my life that are this generous and caring. I was overfilled with joy! This was much more than I ever expected. I know I keep saying that, but it’s the truth. We got a lot of clothes and bath items seem to be a big hit too.  I got some pretty awesome stuff.  One thing for sure, Baby G will be styling and CLEAN!

Everyone wrote messages on a diaper so when we were changing them we could have some words of wisdom or laughter. I thought it was a cute idea. I read some of them when I got home which made me laugh. The others I’ll save for when I really need it. Even though I’ve already forgotten what was written on the ones I read. Pregnancy brain is a real thing.

All in all, it was a FABULOUS day and it was something I was really looking forward to for a long time.  I’m not really great at expressing myself, but I am super excited for everything that is happening and will happen in the future.  There’s no fear here, which I’m actually really surprised about because I worry about almost everything.

I will do a better job at blogging about everything just to keep you guys in the loop.  I feel like I’ve let you down this year because a lot of things happened suddenly and unexpectedly.  Change is something I need to learn to embrace and worry about.  I’m a constant work in progress but I’m learning and growing.  And that’s all I ask of everyone who reads the blog.

I do fun things every now and again …

I do fun things every now and again and fail at meal prepping

Life is about finding balance right?  You may only think I’m doing active things or working out all the time but there’s more to me than just that stuff.  BUT working out and BEING ACTIVE are FUN things for me.  Everyone once and a while I have to take a break and just enjoy life though.  Life is that thing that happens when I’m not working out. This weekend I went to my best friend Shelby’s baby shower. I “hosted” it with my best friend Mandie, but I’m going to throw it all on her. I bought some decorations and…

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