Energy bars and working out

I feel boring lately because I haven’t really been doing anything exciting. I needed the change of pace though because I was on the move the entire beginning of the year. Plus, things are getting ready to kick into high gear for me. This week I’m going to Fitbloggin in Savannah, GA so I’ll be on the move.

I thought I would let you know what’s going on in my boring life…
#sunset I'm usually not out to see things like this. It's #beautiful!
I enjoyed a beautiful sunset after book club last week. This was an amazing thing for me because I’m usually in bed when the sun goes down.

9 sweaty miles done. Now I'm ready for some @gotchocolatemilk! #teamchocolatemilk #fitfluential #runchat #running #gtsrtutters
I switched my long run day from Saturday/Sunday morning to Friday evening. Another big deal for me. I was kind of just ready to get out there and run. I only did 9 miles because it was a little hot/humid and I started to feel the effects of it. I had to take a couple of breaks though. I’ve also learned that breaking my long run up into segments helps out a lot during these hot months. It helps me make it through and it might make a difference for you.

Sundays #foodie project! @williebeatfat are going to make these from @runnersworldmag #cookbook! #rwcookbook #runnersworld #cooking #bars
I made these energy bars from the Runner’s World Cookbook! Confession, I really just put it in the pan Willie did the rest because I was busy prepping the meals for the week.

We changed the recipe a bit because I really think there was too much sugar in there and we didn’t use vegetable oil. They turned out really good. I was expecting them to be a little bit more chewy than what they turned out though. I guess the picture in the book made them look soft and chewy but now that I look at the picture that was probably just something I wanted in my mind. OR maybe we just cooked them too long!

We’ve been trying to make our own bars so we don’t have to keep buying them. This was just our first step in trying out some new things. Do you have any suggestions on homemade bars?

I’ve been salad obsessed lately so I’ve been rolling through a lot of tomatoes. One of our friends gave us a bag of these cherry tomatoes from her garden. These things were so good. I really enjoyed eating them. I wish I could grow my own stuff but the neighborhood animals would get to into it or my dogs would make it their potty stop and ruin it all. Is there a way to get around this? I’m looking for advice from all you gardening people.

Do you have a garden? What foods do you grow? If you don’t have a garden, what would you like to grow in a garden?