Froyo, I’m going to quit you!

Froyo Angela Froyo (aka frozen yogurt) is my thing.  When I was larger, I would sit down with quarts of ice cream and devour them while watching television…along with a McDonalds 20 pack of chicken nuggets, two double cheeseburgers, large fries and just for my own health, a medium order of fries too.  Not my healthiest moment, eh?

But froyo was/is my trip off the beaten path in our new lifestyle change. I can eat my weight in froyo, run a half marathon and come back for more.  (You definitely know what I’ll be eating AFTER I finish my first marathon.) My friends can attest to the fact that I can really down the froyo and they don’t really know where I pack it.  Thankfully, it turns to liquid and rushes out of my body, but that sugar rush still remains.  But my friends, I have a froyo problem.  I’ve been eating it out of turn.  When I say out of turn, I mean too much.  I allow myself to have to froyo on Saturday and Sunday nights, but that has stretched into something more.  I blame my running group because we we meet Mondays and Wednesday at the yogurt shop and myself for not exercising any self control.

Instead of having yogurt twice a week, I was having it four, sometimes five, times a week.  Now that’s a little out of control. That’s when froyo stopped being something I let myself have every once and while to a part of my daily diet.  The problem with froyo is people think it’s healthy because it’s frozen yogurt.  But it’s still littered with sugars and all types of processed ingredients.  I had to find somehow to get turned off of it.

Yes folks, I’ve been trying to have a scared straight moment with eating froyo.  Yesterday, it finally happened.  I’ve been searching the Internet for articles on eating froyo to kind of detour myself from eating it during the week.  Keep in mind that I LOVE FROYO AND I’LL NEVER GIVE IT UP.  I WILL NEVER GIVE UP FROYO FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: BIRTHDAY CAKE, BANANA, TARO, SALTED CARAMEL AND COOKIES AND CREAM! I just needed to scare my self straight on having it almost every night of the week but some of the stuff I read would have scared a person of an ok love for froyo off of it forever!

It happened when I read this blog post from  I read tons of stuff about froyo on the internet but this post made it real.  We try to eat as clean as possible and I know it’s not possible 100% of the time because we’re movers and shakers.  For the most part though, we do a great job at it.  Seeing how processed frozen yogurt actually is kind of amazed me.  No, I didn’t think it was a completely healthy indulgence because it’s low fat or non-fat.  I know it’s loaded with sugar that can knock me on my butt, I just didn’t think it was like this.

There are tons of ingredients I can’t pronounce which probably increases the yummy factor of froyo.  But it’s highly, highly processed, so seeing as though we try to eat clean throughout the week, froyo definitely won’t be apart of my Monday – Friday.  It’s all about the 80/20 rule of eating but my habit was starting to turn into my 100 rule of eating.

I was always told on my weight loss journey not to deprive myself of the things I wanted because I would binge on them when I wanted them.  I never really wanted anything out of the ordinary.  From day one, I cut out the sugary drinks, stopped eating the fast food and started to find new things to like.  Instead of craving those McDonald’s hamburgers and fries, I craved/crave veggie burgers and cut up potatoes or sweet potatoes.  FYI:  I could never give up on the potato.  Potatoes and I have a love affair and that was one thing I would never give up, even though everyone said you had to do that to lose weight.  Well guess what y’all?  I didn’t.  I just found healthier ways to make them and watched my portions. When I was READY, I allowed myself to eat froyo because it was healthier than sitting down to eat all that ice cream.

The moral of this story is: you can still have to things you want but you have to have them in moderation.  And sometimes it takes a scared straight moment to really put the things you already know into prospective.  This is my method of doing things.  After seeing how many fat grams were in a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, I knew I would never eat it again.  The same with those McDonald’s meals too!  This is enough for me to want to stop eating the things that are bad for me. Also, remember you can’t and won’t out exercise a bad diet!  Just because you work doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want.  Eating badly and working out is counter- productive, don’t waste the time.

Will I ever give up the froyo? I don’t think so. But I definitely am going to watch the frequency at which I eat the stuff.

So what’s the food you might eat too much of that isn’t so good for you?  Do you want to make a change on the frequency that you eat it?  How can you make the change?