A few things I learned this week

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope it’s been a great week for everyone.  It’s been a good week for me!  I’m always behind when I can’t do my meal prep on Sundays.  It’s been a very telling week and I’ve learned a couple of things about myself.

1.  I started logging my food again this week.  We can be friends on MyFitnessPal if you e-mail me.  I thought my eating was a little bit out of control.  Willie would tell you that was all in my head.  I learned that he was right.  I’m a grazer.  I cook and I nibble and it’s a really bad habit I’m trying to break.  The main problem is: I start prepping stuff when I’m hungry.  I need to be sure to drink some water before prepping food.  Anyway, logging my food again has been nice.  It started to become a hassle to me because I was eating the same thing everyday…and I still eat the same thing pretty much everyday.  But I like to make sure my macros are right.  I’m not eating enough fat in my diet as I mentioned before.  It’s a really great tool.

Totally #ran in the living room to reach 15,000 steps on my @fitbit! #active #stayactive #whyimove

2. My Fitbit died which makes me mad.  I just purchased the thing at the end of June and it just died.  Researching on the internet I see a lot of people are having the same problems which means there is a design flaw with the Fitbit.  E-mail customer service is still trying to get me through the system, but I found the number after an hour of searching the internet.  I called and they issued me a new FitBit.  I’m thankful for that but what does this say about the product?  I really like my Fibit but it might be time for me to try another one of these devices instead.  Do you have any problems with your FitBit?


3.  Good friends are hard to find, but when you find them you should really invest in those friendships.  Everyone invests in their friendships in a different way but be sure to cherish the people in your life, especially the ones you want to keep around.  Last night we had our book club and it was just a great time to see my friends and just chat.  It took me a long time to find some friends in this city and now I’m glad that I’ve found them.

4. Listen to your body.  I’ve been having low blood pressure problems lately.  You know what the big issue is? My body wasn’t holding on to electrolytes so I have to have more that stuff in my life.  That gives me an excuse to buy some coconut water!  I’m not complaining about that.

Went on a #yogurt haul this afternoon. Stocking up! What's your favorite flavor/mix for your yogurt. I love black cherry and walnuts! #fitfluential

5. I really like yogurt!  Yesterday I had to go refresh the supply. I have such a great time looking at the new products and comparing.  Kroger’s off-brand greek yogurt is also 88 cents which is 12 cents cheaper than the name brand and it’s less sugar!  I think I may have found a winner, but it doesn’t come in the flavors of HEB which is a big bummer.

So on to the good stuff. I’m linking up again with Athlete At Heart to tell you about my weekly workouts:

Sunday: Plano Balloon Festival Half marathon. It was hot and fun. I’m glad I got to run the race with Willie.


Monday: Took it easy because I needed to meal prep so I went for a 3 mile run with my running group.

Tuesday: Taught my freestyle cycle class and did a HIIT routine in the evening.

Wednesday: Group Power and an evening fast 5.11 mile run.

Thursday: Taught my Group Ride class.

Friday: 3 mile run.

Saturday: I’m going to run but I don’t have a set amount of miles. I just want to get out there and just run because I want to run.

My goal was to kind of take it easy this week but I couldn’t resist some workouts. I never made it to the pool but the pool schedule is changing soon so I’ll be able to go at a decent time. I have to get in some good pool time.

So how was your workout week? What are your goals for your upcoming workouts?

Food prep: there isn’t nothing new about …

Food prep: there isn’t nothing new about that.

I read a lot of blogs and follow a lot of people on instagram and twitter.  I know when Sunday rolls around my feed is jammed with people doing the same thing I’m doing: food prep.  I’m not foolish enough to think my house was the only one food prepping for the week but I feel like you, readers of the blogs, are getting hit over the head with the same information just from a different blog.  I love all my fellow bloggers because we couldn’t make it out here in this virtual world without each other.  BUT I want…

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Let’s talk about snacks

Let’s talk about snacks

A LOT of you have pointed out that I don’t talk about what I eat enough. Sorry guys! I’m working on it! The problem with me talking about what I eat is I never find it too interesting but y’all seem to enjoy. I also eat the same thing everyday at the same time so it’s really nothing to me. I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning because it can be made in advance and it’s just a grab and go situation. Always oatmeal of some kind. I tend to do overnight oats because I can make it…

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Let’s have pumpkin pancakes for Labor Day

Let’s have pumpkin pancakes for Labor Day

It’s Labor Day so we’re going to break away from our normal routine. We usually have eggs and oatmeal in our house for breakfast and it’s probably my most favorite meal of the day. But I think I found a good alternative a yummy alternative for my oatmeal fix. So let’s all have pumpkin pancakes tomorrow morning. Here is what you’ll need: What goes in these pancakes: 1/4c egg whites 1/4c yogurt (I used a vanilla greek yogurt) 1/8c unsweetened applesauce 1/4c pumpkin 1/4c whole wheat flour (or your choice of flour) 1/4 tsp. each: pumpkin pie spice, stevia, baking…

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July 4th was a bust but I didn’…

July 4th was a bust but I didn’t let it get me down

I wish I could say my July 4th was the best day, but it wasn’t.  I had to deal with some serious issues and that kind of brought me back to a place I haven’t been in years.  Sometimes I feel like you can’t escape the past and it’s sometimes hard to move on to a better place because people always remember you as the person you once were.  I won’t lie about how I was back then.  I was unhappy, miserable and just in an overall bad place.  Everything bothered me, therefore I ate my feelings.  That means I…

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