I was provided a free bib to the Tyler Rose Marathon in exchange for a race review. On Sunday, I ran the Tyler Rose Marathon!  Last year I ran the half marathon and I kind of enjoyed it.  The course was really hilly and I remember thinking, “I would never run a marathon out here.” Fast forward to this year, I ran the marathon. Tyler is about 3.5 hours from home and a great excuse to hang out with some great people! There’s a method to my madness though.  I was supposed to run 20-22 miles for the Marine Corp… View Post

When I started off the year I had only run two races in 2012, both half marathons.  Who would have thought I would run 14 half marathons the next year? This wasn’t how I thought the year would go.  The big question is: what fueled my racing desire? The answer: my running group!  I told Jeremy I wanted to do RnR Dallas and he said he was doing it so that kind of pushed me to do the race.  That was two weeks after the Gusher and I had never run a race that close together, but I did it.… View Post