Willie and I made two rules for this race: 1. No one gets left behind. 2. Enjoy the amazing experience. Leading up to this race, I was worried about finishing in the time limit. When we went to the course meeting and found out only 20 people out of the 110 people signed up last year finished the marathon, I was really worried about finishing the race. That wasn’t going to stop me from doing it though. Race morning was a bit hard on us. I woke up at 11:30 pm to make sure we had all our stuff together.… View Post

It’s time for your weekly update on all things China!  Remember last week when I told you we weren’t prepared for this trip, we really aren’t!  But this week we are two steps closer.  Our passports arrived in the mail this week which meant I needed to make the trek down to the Chinese consulate.  That is why this blog post is happening so late in the day. Wondering why I had to go there? When you go to China for any reason you have to get a visa. It goes inside your passport and you’re not allowed to enter… View Post

Yesterday was supposed to be travel Tuesday but I missed it. My intentions were well but it just didn’t happen. So y’all want to know what we’ve been up to concerning our trip to China? Yesterday we did passports! No picture for this one, but this was something that should have been done long ago but we didn’t. NOW it’s done though. On Saturday, Willie and I ventured to the Asian market to see what we could get into! I love Asian flavors and we pretty much have something Asian influenced every night. We are wicked excited to go to… View Post

I’ve have some running events coming up but my focus has been on China.  Everything until that point is just training.  I shouldn’t be pushing for PRs or making a certain time.  I’m more interested in getting us on our feet for longer periods of time.  I’ve tried to explain to Willie the physicality of what is happening is the least of the problems; it’s the mental aspect of what is going to happen. I don’t know what I want to run The Great Wall of China Marathon but I do!  I guess I want to do it because it’s… View Post